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Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Inc.


The Benedictine way is to seek God in the communal life and to respond in prayer and ministry. As Benedictine Sisters of Erie, we commit ourselves to be a healing presence and prophetic witness for peace by working for sustainability and justice, especially for women and children.

Programs and Services

For 164 years, the Benedictine Sisters of Erie have responded to the changing need of the community around us, particularly segments of the population for whom advocacy is lacking. Our social service ministries include: safe low income housing for the elderly and physically challenged; education and job training; an after-school program in the arts for inner city children; a recreational facility that meets the needs of a diverse group of physically, mentally and emotionally challenged persons; a day care/preschool program for low income families; a soup kitchen and food pantry. Hospitality and an Enrichment Series that focus on significant topics and issues of the day and spirituality programs are offered at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.


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