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Holocaust Bus Fund - Jewish Community Council


The Alec Fisher Education Fund was established by the Jewish Community Council of Erie to create outreach throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania, promoting sustainable peace, civility, tolerance and understanding of our diversity. Through these goals and values, and our ownership of the overarching and universal Holocaust Remembrance theme of “Never Again!”, this fund supports a variety of objectives, including teacher and community education and the continued sponsorship of educational visits to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and other regional Holocaust memorials by Northwestern Pennsylvania school students.

Programs and Services

Schools with curriculum on the significance of the Holocaust in Jewish and world history and conveying the relevance of the struggle of human rights by peoples throughout the world. Curriculum must be submitted for approval.

1) Written requests for funding will be made to the Jewish Community Council of Erie with curriculum for approval: submit to
Community Council of Erie
PO Box 3120
Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
(814) 455-4474
Jessica Maldet at [email protected] or [email protected]


Robert Breakstone
Send an email  |  814-455-4474

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