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Home House of Erie

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It is the endeavor of the organization to extend partnerships to these families through a local venue given to bridging relationships and availing resources that serve the needs of the community. Here are some key components surrounding our mission:
-Provide a gathering place for neighborhood youth, individuals, and groups working with the disenfranchised in the city of Erie.
-A base for safe on-site mentoring and other forms of support to the local youth population, as well as parental networking.
-A grass roots organization designed to organically support local families in the area.

Programs and Services

The Home House of Erie looks to provide such programs as:
-STAMP: Students, Teachers, Administrators, Mentors, and Parents coming together to support the welfare and development of neighborhood youth.
-CHAMP: Coming Home Again Mentoring Program for Youth
-School of the Science & Arts: Providing learning opportunities for youth interested in technology, music, art, poetry and crafting.
-Parental & Adult Workshops: It is our endeavor, through collaborative efforts, to extend mini workshops and forums that will support the exposition of strategic leadership dynamics while holding to the core values of cultural transformation. We are linking concepts to action, and providing an accountability network that encourages transformation.
-And more ..


Kevin Nelson
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