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Otter Creek Farm Sanctuary, Inc


We are a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to providing sanctuary to farm animals. We believe in a plant-based diet and encourage others to explore the benefits of vegetarianism and veganism. The public is invited to visit the Sanctuary and experience the peaceful environment while meeting the animals who have captured our hearts. It is a place where humans can enjoy nature and have positive interactions with farm animals. It is a reminder that their fate rests with us. Our choices, from what we eat to what we buy and our actions in between, shape their futures.

Programs and Services

Provide sanctuary to farm animals
• abused, neglected, abandoned, or otherwise unwanted
• owner surrenders due to illness or death
• from other animal rescue organizations
Educate on the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet
• Health Benefits, decreased risk of heart disease & type 2 diabetes
• Environmental Benefits, reduced GHGEs, reduced ecological footprint
• Humane Benefits, living beings—not products
Facilitate positive healing relationships with farm animals
• Animal-Assisted Therapy--PTSD, Addiction, Behavioral issues, Autism spectrum disorders, Depression/Anxiety
Collaborative outreach
• All Paws Matter Fundraiser Participant
• Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County Resource
• Member of the Non


Amanda Hartwell
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