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Penn State Behrend Lion's Pantry


Behrend Lion's Pantry addresses and mitigates student hunger at Penn State Behrend. Behrend Lion’s Pantry is committed to serving the students supplemental food and hygiene products in order to promote food security and overall health.
Nearly 20 percent of students at four-year colleges do not have sufficient access to safe and nutritious food. Penn State Behrend is no exception to this statistic. Because students shouldn’t have to worry about obtaining fundamental necessities when they are focusing on academics, Behrend Lion’s Pantry provides students in need with regular access to food items and personal hygiene products.

Programs and Services

Behrend's Food Insecurity Advisory Board oversees projects and programs related to food security for students. Behrend Lion’s Pantry operations are managed by Behrend’s Civic and Community Engagement. Behrend Lion’s Pantry operates year-round and with complete anonymity via an online ordering system. The students never have to interact with any of the staff or student workers operating the pantry. All of our students with a valid Penn State login are eligible to place an order. By utilizing Behrend Lion’s Pantry, students are able to focus on their studies and extracurricular activities and not have to worry about when or where they will get their next meal or hygiene product.


Kristen Comstock
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