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All About Character Inc


AAC's mission is to develop leadership skills among k-8 students by improving conflict resolution skills and reducing negative in school and community behaviors. Through a prevention based program that puts trained active troopers / law enforcement officers in K-8 schools teaching scientific & essential character traits. Over a 32 weeks period, this model has proven successful in helping youth make better choices before they become apart of the Juvenile Justice System, along with a more positive view toward police. Today, more than ever we must sustain prevention based programming that works for our youth. The program is evaluated by Penn State CORE. Thank you for your support.

Programs and Services

The Character Be About It' Program typically puts active troopers / law enforcement in K-8 schools for a 32 week, 1 day a week, 5 hours a day period, teaching scientific & essential character traits. However, there are other agencies that have tailored the program to fit their needs and getting the same positive results. CBAI has been helping youth for eight years and has assisted thousands of students in making positive choices and staying out of the Juvenile Justice System. Superintendents and principals across Erie County are excited to have a positive prevention based program in their schools.


Matthew L. Harris, Sr.
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