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Climate Changers, Inc.


We are dedicated to providing human services that improve the quality of life for residents of the Erie region. Addressing the problems associated with incarceration, substance abuse, gang violence, homelessness, domestic violence, poverty and lack of education. Our mission is to provide strategies and programs that will directly change the conditions of the individual and ultimately improve the condition of the community.

Programs and Services

Due to the pandemic, most activities must be conducted online for social services, business, appointments, education and job searches. The pandemic exposed and broadened the existing gap in the inner city for internet access. Prior to COVID, individuals took several buses for appointments with social services, Career Link, etc. or went to the library to get online. When the pandemic hit, businesses shut down, confined business to online or by phone, and the library had limited access. CC was upgrading the main facility to provide education, outreach and transitional housing. Transitional housing was no longer an option, so CC pivoted to bring what was required most in the moment even as funding diminished.


Frederick Williams
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