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Erie Animal Network


We are 100% volunteer run, and 100% of all donation support goes to directly impact the local animals in need helped by EAN. We charge no fees for our many services to the Erie County PA community. We are online 365 days per year to help the thousands of Lost & Found Pet reports, we offer a Pet Food Bank to local pet owners in need to reduce owner surrender and animal abandonment, in partnership with Safe Net, we offer confidential emergency fostering for the pets escaping a situation of domestic violence, and we do LOTS of 'feet on the street' rescues, and specialize in critical care emergency response.

Programs and Services

We have fed thousands of Erie pets through our Pet Food Bank to help their owners in times of financial hardship. We have kept safe the pets of domestic violence in partnership with SafeNet Inc. with our SafeNet- SafePet program. We have sterilized thousands of cats in the community to make an impact on the homeless feline population; we also build warm shelters for these cats & provide their caretakers support. We have helped thousands & thousands of animals get back home with our Lost & Found Pet services. And we rescue. We are rescue feet on the street, going to abandoned houses, on rooftops, in cellars, in drain pipes, under decks, in restaurant dumpsters, and in the middle of the woods. We are 100% volunteer run and operate 365 days a year.


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