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The Door Student Services, Inc.


The Door is designed to reach teens in North East through solving three essential needs:
1. The Need of Every Teen to be Fed.
2. The Need for Every Teen to be Part of a Family.
3. The Need of Every Teen to Find Faith.

We step in to provide support in both of these areas in tangible ways. Being located in a residential home helps us maintain a strong family culture, while an upgraded commercial kitchen frees us to be able to safely and efficiently provide daily meals to an average of 40 teens in each of our locations. Our programs have always been able to be offered free of charge to any teen who needs them thanks to the sacrificial support by many individuals, churches, and local businesses!

Programs and Services

Weekly: Tuesday - Thursday 3 PM - 7 - PM. Hours of operation include, free meal served around 5 PM, homework help, acoustic musical instruments, video entertainment systems, and social interaction between peers and adult mentors.

Sporadic: Local activity day trips including hiking, kayaking, fishing, service projects, and entertainment.

Yearly: Scholarship camp for one weekend in the winter and one full week in the summer. These camp are offered for minimal cost to the families and are funded in large part to our generous donors.


Bill Bennett
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